Buckhorn Museum
Buckhorn Museum and Texas Ranger Museum
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Texas Ranger Museum  
The Texas Ranger Museum

Take a madcap Journey with Dr. Phineas Phiasco through a menagerie of mysterious and mind boggling phenomena!  Explore the topsy-turvy town of Turmoil Texas that is bursting with optical illusions that defy the laws of gravity and challenge modern science, as we know it. A hands-on, interactive array of perplexing and curious spectacles that will challenge your senses and introduce you to a world of amazement!  You simply won't believe your eyes! Delve into the depths of the mystery mine and watch water flow uphill! Baffle your senses as you change size before your very own eyes!  See an elephant the size of a tiny peanut! Witness fish swim without water—in mid-air! This humorous, fun spirited adventure will entertain you and your family and rattle reality, as you know it!


The American Sideshow

Step right up - hurry, hurry...Come and experience the ultimate in turn of the century sideshow excitement! Through astonishing video technology you will experience an amazing visual extravaganza of the American Sideshow.  Gaze at kooky kaleidoscope of concoctions and mysterious mayhem of worldly oddities. From PT Barnum's smallest man on Earth, to the feats of dare devils and freaks, the American Sideshow exhibition guarantees to entice, shock, and amaze children and adults of all ages!  Meet the charismatic Buffalo Bill and the ultimate showman PT Barnum, as they share their enchanting stories that unravel the mysteries of sideshow pageantry and captivate your mind.

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